Finged Hip Scarf Instructions (Two Piece)

These instructions are for a basic fringe scarf using two pieces of fabric.

What You Need


  • 2 pieces of fabric, Approx. 2m x 15/20cm each


  • Thread to match fabric.
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fringing (to match hip measurement or less)
  • Coins, beads, sequins, or other decorations as desired.


  • Hip Width (over widest part)
  • Desired depth of hip scarf.


The Length of your hip scarf is determined by your hip width and the length you want the tie to be. Do you want it to drop to your knees? Just past your hips? Mid-thigh? Mid-calf? To the floor?

  • Length of Hip Scarf = Hip Width + Length of Ties + Seam Allowed (4cm )

Determine how deep you would like your hip scarf to be. Do you want it sitting over your hips? Do you want it to cover all of your bottom? Tie a few scarfs or strips of fabric around your waist and check in the mirror to find the depth you like.

  • Depth of Hip Scarf using one piece of fabric = Chosen Depth x2 + Seam Allowed (4cm)


There are two different sorts of fringing readily available; one has straight threads and the other is looped. Straight threads are more likely to tangle and do eventually get a “frayed” look on the ends. This is not necessarily a “bad” thing, as it may be the look you’re after. Also, straight threads are often easier to dye. You can iron fringing to re-flatten using a low heat, spray and a tea towel to cover. Spraying with hairspray can also help to avoid static and reduce tangling. Looped fringing is more difficult to tangle, but easier to get things (bracelets, rings, sword points, etc.) caught in. They do tend to look much neater for longer. You might also want to use beaded fringing which can be found in many craft/sewing shops, though is often more expensive.

Fabric Requirements

If you’re going to make a matching outfit, it can often be a good idea to cut a long strip (approx. 2-2.5m long x 30-40cm wide) from your harem pants fabric before constructing your harem pants. This can make your harem pants a little “thinner”, but probably not enough to notice. Otherwise, buy a couple of metres in addition – you never know when you might want a matching vest, fabric to cover a bra, headscarf or handkercheif skirt!

You can one strip each of two different fabrics – one for the outside, one for the inside (approx. 2m x 15/20cm each). The two piece method can be good if you are using particularly slippery fabric or very expensive fabric. You will probably want the inside piece to have a bit of “grip”, so cotton, poly-cotton will work well. If you want something “shiny” go for velvet or panne velvet.

Sewing Instructions

Cut two rectangles W x L (see Calculations on the right) from each fabric. With wrong sides facing, sew together leaving a gap through which you can turn it right side out. Clip a triangle from each corner and then finish edges with an overlocker or zigzag.

If one of your fabrics is transparent, make sure your edges are very neat, or consider adding a braid/ribbon all the way around the front to cover the seam.

Bellydance Hip Scarf - Step One

Turn right side out and pin fringing to cover the gap. If you would like your ties to be even, mark the middle and centre the fringing over it. If you would like the ties to be uneven, move the fringing to one side.

Bellydance Hip Scarf - Step Two

Tuck the ends of the fringing under for neatness and to reduce fraying. Attach with a zigzag or decorative stitch. If desired, cover the braided edge of the fringing with braid or ribbon, add beading, coins and other decorations.

Bellydance Hip Scarf - Step Three

And voila! Hip Scarf Made!

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