Fringed Hip Scarves – Hidden Fringing

When making fringed hip scarves you may want to sew them so that you can’t see the braided edge of the fringing. You can either attach the fringing to the back of your hip scarf or sew it into the seam as below.

Pin and sew the fringing to the right side edge of the fabric with a zigzag stitch.

If using the “one” fabric method, fold up, pin and complete. If you are using two pieces of fabric, sew together one of the long edges, making a single piece, then attach the fringing and complete as for the “one” fabric method.

Hidden Fringing - Step One

When folding and sewing, make sure that you can see the underside of the zigzag stitch so you can ensure that your stitching runs along the inner edge and you catch all of the braided edge of the fringing into the seam.

Hidden Fringing - Step Two

Be careful when stitching fringing on the inside that you don’t accidentally catch the fringe in the seam. You can either tack over the fringe to keep it in place, or use pins to attach it to the fabric in sections.

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