Harem Pants

These are instructions for pantaloon (huge!) style harem pants.

What You Need

Fabric Length:

  • 2 x wasit to floor measurement. (Average is around 1.1m)


  • Thread to match fabric.
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Waist elastic (2 – 2.5cm wide)
  • Ankle elastic (1-1.5cm wide)
  • Measurements:

Waist to Floor

  • Hip Width (over widest part)
  • Inner Leg
  • Ankle Width


This pattern uses the fabric width to determine the width of each harem pants leg. For a very full pantaloon style you’ll want around 1.5m wide fabric. If you want really wide harem pants, and only have 112cm wide fabric, you can purchase an extra length, cut it in half and sew these lengths to the two lengths you will be using to cut out each leg. Each leg will then be 168cm wide.

The length of the fabric you will need to purchase is approximately twice your waist to floor measurement. If you plan to double-fold the elastic casing, then you might wish to add another 4cm to each leg length.

Sewing Instructions


Cut two lengths (using your waist to floor measurement). Lay them with wrong sides facing.

Mark the lower points of your arcs 30cm from the top with a pin or chalk. Mark the back and front points of the arcs. Measure the space in between. This should be at least half of your hip width. If it is not, make the arcs shallower, with the arc at the back being the deeper of the two.

Cut the arcs out. You may wish to draw with chalk, or mark the arc with pins first if you aren’t feeling confident with cutting.

harem pants 1



Harem Pants 2

Harem Pants 3

Fold both legs with right sides facing. Pin and sew inner leg seam. Finish edges with zigzag stitch or overlocker.

Turn one leg right side out and insert into the other leg. Pin crotch seam, ensuring that inner leg, front seam and back seams match.

Sew crotch seam and finish edges with zigzag stitch or over locker.

Harem Pants 4

Turn pants inside-out (right sides facing in). Finish upper and lower edges with a zigzag stitch or overlocker.

Turn edges and pin to make elastic casing. Ensure you have left enough room for elastic to be threaded through. If your elastic is 2cm wide, you will want the casing to be more than 2cm deep, so the elastic can be threaded through easily. You will be threading it through approx. 3m of fabric, so you don’t want it to be a struggle!

Harem Pants 5

Sew casings, ensuring you leave a gap.*See note below if you aren’t sure about the length


Thread elastic through. Secure ends of elastic with a safety pin and try on to ensure your foot can get through the ankle elastic and the pants fit snuggly, but not too tight.

Sew ends of elastic together. If you wish, you can close up the gaps in the casings. Leaving the gap in the waist casing will allow you to more easily adjust the elastic if needed.

Turn pants right way out…. and, you’re done!

Harem Pants 6

*If you aren’t sure about the length…

If you think they might be too long, sew the hip casing first, then try on. Cut off any excess from the bottom. Remember that if you want it to “flounce” you will want them long!

If you think they might be too short. Sew the ankle casing first, then try on. If they feel too short, rather then folding the top edge, Cut a long rectangle and add a waistband to the top.


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