Week 1 – Random Acts of Bellydance

We’re starting again – Week One! New Year – New Random Acts!

random acts of bellydance

1 : Do a Costume Cull.

We’ve all got costumes (& props) that we don’t wear or no longer fit. Do a costume cull. Work out what you can give away, sell or upcycle into a new costume! Make some space for yourself and your precious costumes!

2 : Work off that Holiday Feasting!

I don’t even want to think about how much sugar I’ve had in the last week! Get moving with some walking, jogging, yoga … put on some music and dance around the house. Reserve the meeting room and have a dance during your lunch break. Do something!!

3 : Practice your scissor/slinky walk up and down the hallway.

There are lots of names for this walk – scissor walk, slinky walk, cat walk … any others? Take an extra 10 seconds to move down the hallway and get that walk happening!

4 : Listen to music and mark some that inspire for future dance projects.

Go through that music you’ve been collecting and make a list of songs you like to improvise to, choreograph (a solo or group piece) or just use during your at-home practice for warm up, cool down or drilling. Make some playlists and start the new year with some super-organised music!

5 : Dance some old dances – just for fun.

You’ll probably come across some old choreography music when looking for inspiring new tracks – let them play, dance along to them – improvise through the parts you can’t remember! 🙂


Wishing you all a fun week of bellydance!

– Sam.

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