On the road to Gundagai

Regional Bellydance with Ghawazee Moon BellydanceSimone from Blessed Bowen Natural Therapies contacted me late last year to discuss the posibility of bringing some bellydance out to Gundagai in the form of monthly workshops. I was, of course, very interested in seeing what we could do to ‘share the joy’.

Within three days the class was full and we booked the first workshop for early January with 16 unsure, but enthusiastic, women and girls ready to start their bellydance adventure!

We talked history, perceptions and misconceptions and then we got stuck into the core movements of bellydance! With a great deal of positive feedback, I’ll be back on the road to Gundagai next month to consolidate our learning and begin putting steps together.

I’m looking forward to sharing my love of bellydance with this great group of women and girls on an ongoing basis and helping them build a community that will support and encourage them in their dancing and daily lives.

See you all in February!