Week 3 – Random Acts of Bellydance

The new year is well under way! Hope everyone’s transition from ‘holiday’ to ‘work’ has been a smooth one! Here are this weeks ‘random acts’ – enjoy!

Random Acts of Bellydance Week 3 2017

1 . Practice all the circles you can think of.

Flat hip circles, tilting hip circles (omis, hawaiian, afro, etc), little hip circles, big hip circles, high and low hip circles. Not to mention rib circles (on all the planes), Single hip circles (on all the planes), wrist circles, arm circles, upper body circles … what about foot circles, knee circles and finger circles?? Remember circular floor patterns (& formations, if you’re working on a group choreography)!!

2 . Find a Middle Eastern Rhythm you’d like to learn to play or dance to.

Find the notation for the rhythm pattern. This will help you see, as well as hear, the rhythm. Learning to play a rhythm can help you learn to dance to it, and vice-versa. So much of bellydance comes from an authentic response to the music, so the more you learn about the rhythms that sit behind the melodies (or feature all by themselves), the better a dancer you will become. Check out the In Search for Rhythm Guides post for some links to help you.

3 . Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Pick up a new DVD, sign up for a class, workshop or event (Check out Shimmy Mob!), check out a different style or try out a new move. This doesn’t have to become your new favourite thing, or even lead you away from what you’re currently loving – but it will do good things for you.

4 . Practice layering shimmies over circles.

Now that you discovered all those circles, practice adding some shimmies over the top of them. If you get stuck, break the circles down into isolated points and get your shimmie going there first!

5 . Correct your posture every time you sit down.

It’s easy to let our good posture slip when we’ve been sitting for a while. Be conscious of your tailbone & spine every time you sit down this week – make sure you’re taking little walks or standing breaks – you know that sitting for long periods of time is not great for you!


Wishing you all a wonderful week of bellydancing!

– Sam.